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Two Convenient Locations
Dunedin and Sun City

What is Low Vision?

Basically, low vision is the term used to describe a visual impairment that can't be corrected fully with glasses or contact lenses. It is having difficulty seeing what you want or need to see even with your best prescription glasses or contact lenses. It could be as basic as not being able to read directions on food packaging or as complex as not seeing well enough to drive. Low vision is not a specific disease, but a problem as to how your vision functions read more

A Little About Us

Not your typical eye clinic!

If you are tired of being told that there is nothing that can be done with your low vision then you have come to the right place! There are high powered telescopic eyeglasses and other devices that most likely will help you. Call me to discuss what we can do, no obligation:

We specialize in: Low Vision Exams and vision rehabilitation.

We provide the latest in devices and eye glasses to help you see better.

When you have been told there is nothing else that can be done then see us. As long as there is vision that vision can be made better in most cases! If Dr. Huggett can't help then there is no out of pocket charge for the exam.

Call us to discuss how we can make your vision better! 727-463-2579

Take advantage of the 25 years work of Dr. Huggett.

At the Low Vision and Binocular Vision Clinic Dr. Ed Huggett has the goal that the patient "walks out better than they walk in!" He helps them see what is on their "wish list - what they want to see better." He works closely with your current eye doctor along with occupational therapists as a team to have you seeing better! Go to out Testimonials page (see Testimonials link above) to read some of our many successes.

Not dealing wiht the eye disease directly Dr. Huggett deals entirely on what functional vision the person has, and then, determining what optics and magnification is needed to help the person see what they want to see. Using Dr. Huggett's 25 years of experience he will help you regain functional vision and independence!


The mission of the Low Vision and Binocular Vision Clinic is to promote increased independence among those with visual impairments. This is accomplished through providing advanced optics and optical devices, vision rehabilitation with an occupational therapist, education by making available the latest medical information, community resources and assistance in identifying solutions to visual and life's problems for the patient and family members.

Our goal is that you walk out of the clinic seeing better than you walked in!

Edward Huggett
Dunedin & Sun City Center Optometrist | Low Vision and Binocular Vision Clinic of Florida | 727-463-2579

2323 Curlew Road, Suite 7A
Dunedin, Fl

1701 Rickenbacker Dr., Suite 102
Sun City Center, FL